Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prada Purse-uasion

I love Prada. A maroon, quilted bag with the gold chain was the very first secondhand find that sparked my obsession about 10 years ago now. More on that one in another post. But let's focus on this fine specimen I plucked from the walls of Goodwill...but not just any Goodwill, Goodwill Palm Beach. On the island, the finds can be fabulous; not just the items themselves but also the rock-bottom prices. I'm sure most would be surprised by that statement. But in my experience, it's so true. The Goodwill there is hit or miss on its finds. You can find faux Louis Vuittons priced more than real-deal Pradas like this one. On a recent trip, a fine fellow behind the counter let me inspect several bags and when he put this one in my arms I can only imagine it was an experience comparable to holding my first-born child for the first time: heavenly. The rounded leather handle, the superior stitching, the signature lining, the rectangle-shaped Prada plate on the interior pocket and the supple, black pebbled leather. I was scared to look at the price, anticipating that they knew this was a gem. But scrawled in black marker on the white hang tag was $129. "But it's another 25 percent off," the man behind the counter chimed in. He whipped out his trusty calculator. "So it'll be $96.25," he said. And I said, "I'll take it." 

-Kari Barnett

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