Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Which bag is most like your man?

Kari and I often think about wacky ways accessories affect our lives while sitting in our work cubicles in the newsroom. Yesterday, we couldn't resist a fun, new game we came up with. If your boyfriend, fiance or husband was a handbag, which one would he be?

My husband, Greg henry (pictured below) would definitely be a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Mon Monogram; $1,100 with vertical stripes because he's classic, dependable, easy to hold and locked into what matters to him. He's a man of tradition and the fact that this bag offers your personal initials as part of the logo adds to the style and sophistication of this piece.

Louis Vuitton Custom Monogram Speedy 30 Side View, Personalized Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

If your man was a bag, which bag would he be??????? Tweet us at


-Joanie Cox-Henry

New year, new bag...

We're now almost into the second month of 2013 and there are dozens of spectacular new styles to drool over this spring. Here are my top 3 picks so far for the new year.

1. Cole Haan Crosby Colorblock Tote Bag; $298 at Neimanmarcus.com. I love the fine craftsmanship of this bag and the ease of carrying it multiple ways. I like to fantasize about swinging it over my shoulder for a day of yachting, a picnic in Cape Cod or carrying it from day to night for mojitos on Lincoln Road. 

2. Prada Saffiano Bicolor Tote bag; $1,890 on Neimanmarcus.com. I love this bag because it reminds me of a cool, refreshing glacier or ice cream on a hot day. The color-blocking is fun yet done in a less trendy way. And once again, the multiple ways to carry the bag via top handles or shoulder strap make it multiple bags in one. This is a trend we're seeing now--most likely because women spending this much on a bag need to get their money's worth and be able to have a handbag that's multifunctional at the end of the day. 

3. Gucci Bright Bit Patent Leather Shoulder Bag in teal; $890 at Neimanmarcus.com. This practical and classic shoulder bag is a tribute to the bag Gucci always did well. It's clean, it's in a crisp color and it will be a collector's piece in decades to come for its structure and smooth lines. I love this bag for all the right reasons.