Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coach's Cashin-Carry was definitely worth the cash

I love limited edition accessories. While I tend to go more for logo items, there was something irresistible about this hot pink and orange wristlet. It was sitting in the Coach wallet case at Macy's in Boca Raton several years ago. I couldn't read the price through the case, but it appeared to be marked down with a red sticker.

Inspired by the lost sketches of Bonnie Cashin, the brilliant mastermind behind Coach in 1962, this flirty, fun wristlet has become one of my most treasured accessories. I throw my headphones and iPhone in this when I hit the gym and I've also carried it for a night on the town. I fell hard for the striped lining and the new courier font on the front of the pouch. (Yes, it's nerdy writer thing I share with that kid 'Brick' I'm obsessed with from The Middle). While this retailed for around $98, after the sale and my Macy's coupons, I walked away with this for $39 and I still had cash to carry:)

-Joanie Cox

Prada Purse-uasion

I love Prada. A maroon, quilted bag with the gold chain was the very first secondhand find that sparked my obsession about 10 years ago now. More on that one in another post. But let's focus on this fine specimen I plucked from the walls of Goodwill...but not just any Goodwill, Goodwill Palm Beach. On the island, the finds can be fabulous; not just the items themselves but also the rock-bottom prices. I'm sure most would be surprised by that statement. But in my experience, it's so true. The Goodwill there is hit or miss on its finds. You can find faux Louis Vuittons priced more than real-deal Pradas like this one. On a recent trip, a fine fellow behind the counter let me inspect several bags and when he put this one in my arms I can only imagine it was an experience comparable to holding my first-born child for the first time: heavenly. The rounded leather handle, the superior stitching, the signature lining, the rectangle-shaped Prada plate on the interior pocket and the supple, black pebbled leather. I was scared to look at the price, anticipating that they knew this was a gem. But scrawled in black marker on the white hang tag was $129. "But it's another 25 percent off," the man behind the counter chimed in. He whipped out his trusty calculator. "So it'll be $96.25," he said. And I said, "I'll take it." 

-Kari Barnett

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is that a banana in your bag or are you just happy to see me?

Andy Warhol is my favorite artist of all time. I cite him as one of my heroes along with Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs and my grandfather, Leonardo Magazzolo. Warhol famously said "In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." This quote was later immortalized inside the straps of a tote bag.

When this Edie Factory Girl Warhol Tote from Loop popped up in a West Boca Raton Ross, I HAD to treat myself to this. When I discovered the banana-shaped change purse inside, it took this tote over the edge for me. I purchased it six years ago and for some bizarre reason, I only carried it once. I’m afraid of getting the white stripes dirty and not being able to replace it. It's weird, I know, but I think Andy would approve of my offbeat behavior.

Flying Coach

I eyed this bag as soon as I walked into Plato's. It was hanging on the top hook behind the counter glistening in the fluorescent lighting like a gold, metallic star in the night sky. Even from afar I could tell the hardware was hearty and the leather luscious. As we all know any good leather bag (like any good woman) has to have some weight behind it, and this Coach didn't disappoint. I threw it on my arm, imagining all the great places we could go together...Paris, Milan, New York City. Then I remembered I'm operating on a journalist's salary so we'll be lucky if we make it to Orlando as some point. But we'll be fabulous together just the same. At $35 I could take it on Publix shopping trip and it'd be worth it. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Louis Vuitton Cerises Speedy

This Louis Vuitton Cerises Speedy was part of the French luxury line's spring/fall 2005 limited edition collection.  I have never spent this much on a purse before and in this economy, probably won't be spending it again for a while. I purchased this delightful cherry speedy at the Louis Vuitton store in Boca Raton for $1,000. It was designed by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. I still love this bag, but I don't love that the cherries fade over time. I think I'll break this baby out for a dinner day one night soon. Since it's limited edition, I don't feel right using it as an every day bag...but it's a collector's piece to take out on special occasions. -Joanie Cox

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I rescued this Marc Jacobs quilted microfiber hobo-style bag from falling into the American Eagle, Aeropostale, Abercrombie Fitch, Aldo (and whatever other store in the mall starts with A)-loving teen girls' hands at Plato's Closet. It was on the top of the purse display way behind the counter - COVERED IN DUST! God knows how long this super user-friendly designer bag had been hanging there passed over time and again by surfer girls picking a played out Coach bag over this classic beauty. I waltzed through the door, pointed and said, "I'll take that one," without even looking at the price because I knew it wouldn't be nearly as much as what it's actually worth. Yeah, $49. I bought several other bags that day. They will be featured in future posts so stay tuned!

I can't get enough of my Dooney & Bourke Grommet Shopper

There are few handbags that can transition from the office to the beach to the mall to a day of shopping and errand running but Dooney & Bourke's Blue Grommet Shopper in Wavy Leather is a prime of example of what a great bag can be. With its wavy blue leather and finely stitched straps and durable gold hardware, this is what I like to call the American version of Louis Vuitton. With multiple inside pockets and a removable zipper closure that can be unsnapped to convert this bag into a true tote instantly, it's become a style staple in my spring wardrobe. The bag originally cost $238 but I purchased mine on sale at Macy's For $178.50 and had a coupon that got me an additional 20 percent off. It was a deal on a durable bag I've grown to realize I can't live without. Where were you all my life oh Dooney Blue Grommet Shopper? If you are still interested in snagging a bag like this of your own, I'm not sure Macy's is still stocking this style, but it's still available in saddle brown here.

-Joanie Cox

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Arm Candy? Yes please Kate Spade!

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to when company would come over  my grandparents' house and bring the Whitman's Sampler. I remember biting into a few of the candies praying I didn't get the coconut one. This Kate Spade Candy Bon Shopper Daycation Tote totally took me back to my childhood. I got this irresistible chunk of arm candy for just $59.97 at Nordstrom Rack. It was originally $145, so I got a sweet deal on this. I thought it would be more of a conversation starter than it has been but that's ok. I love knowing these lifelike chocolate nuggets are never too far away and that can take this bag to Target, the office and the gym without sacrificing style or having to leave behind any of my stuff.

-Joanie Cox

Kate Spade's New York Charm Travel Edition Magazine Clutch

I've been a magazine writer for over a decade now and when I found out Kate Spade made a newspaper clutch, I wanted it more than anything. Unfortunately it sold out. So I was recently at the Kate Spade outlet at Sawgrass Mills Mall and my awesome aunt Maryann got me the coolest clutch (featured above). It originally retailed for $298. The outlet had it for slightly cheaper but I was thrilled when I discovered I got the last one! And in true Kate Spade style, it's so authentic, it's really made out of a magazine. I can't get it wet. It's completely impractical and I couldn't possibly love it more!

-Joanie Cox

It's all about the Botkier, baby!

You always remember your first...Botkier bag, of course! In honor of my first post, I wanted to share the story behind this beautiful sapphire Botkier made out of a sultry satin fabric - kind of like the material they make the fancy sheets out of that you want to roll around in on your bed for hours on end. I had my eye on this delicious little duffle for what seemed like almost a year at one of my favorite consignment shops. Retail: $600. Consignor's price: $350. What I paid: $25. Sometimes it pays to be patient, kids. It came complete with dust bag (love when that happens) and the plastic covering still adhered to the metal name plate inside. Botkier is a brand known for its luscious leathers and this bag doesn't stray from that with its the supple leather trim. This is one first I'll never regret!

-Kari Barnett

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