Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's all about the Botkier, baby!

You always remember your first...Botkier bag, of course! In honor of my first post, I wanted to share the story behind this beautiful sapphire Botkier made out of a sultry satin fabric - kind of like the material they make the fancy sheets out of that you want to roll around in on your bed for hours on end. I had my eye on this delicious little duffle for what seemed like almost a year at one of my favorite consignment shops. Retail: $600. Consignor's price: $350. What I paid: $25. Sometimes it pays to be patient, kids. It came complete with dust bag (love when that happens) and the plastic covering still adhered to the metal name plate inside. Botkier is a brand known for its luscious leathers and this bag doesn't stray from that with its the supple leather trim. This is one first I'll never regret!

-Kari Barnett

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