Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In a tizzy for Tod's

Tod's used to be one of those brands you never saw in a secondhand store. The brand has its own room at Saks Fifth Avenue, for cryin' out loud. But I guess in a down economy even the rich want to make a few bucks off their beautiful bags, and this pumpkin-colored delight showed up at one of the consignment shops on Palm Beach. It was in the glass case...you know, the one that usually means don't even think about asking the price because it's locked up and you can't afford it. But I could see the tag reflected in the mirrored back of the case and my excellent skills in reading numbers upside down deciphered that they were asking $280 for it. Really? First reaction: It's gotta be fake. But from many past experiences I know they don't mess with anything that's not authentic there. So the wonderful saleswoman pulled it out of the case and let me caress it. It was so well crafted that it had to be real. The brand markings and lining was exactly as it should be. And she was willing bring the price down even further. I wondered how she knew I was a bag-obsessed journalist on a budget. She knocked another $70 off the price and I happily handed her my debit card. Forget Worth Avenue, this is smart shopping at its best on the island. 

-Kari Barnett

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